My name is Celestine Lord.

I’m a 32 year old woman with two young children, and a husband whom I adore.

After working for 15 years in corporate doing a 9-5pm job, I hit rock bottom. My emotional, physical, and personal life began to deteriorate at a rapid rate, and I knew I had to do something to turn it around. I discovered there was more to life than work, work, and more work.

I realised that what I was doing was driving me crazy and taking me miles away from my family, even though we lived under the same roof.

After embarking on my healing journey, I started to break old and damaging habits by incorporating yoga, mindfulness, and meditation, and an healthful diet into my daily routine. This allowed me to open my energy gates to new opportunities.

I started using my skills to create exactly the life I wanted using my past experience as a lesson to change my life for the better. I realised I wanted to help other women create the life they truly desire.

I provide a mentoring service that focuses on guiding vulnerable women who have lost themselves within the lives they have created.  I provide a space that allows for them to let go of their old blockages to make room for the new.

It may seem like the impossible when caught in the throes of day to day existence, but I am living proof that rediscovering and redefining yourself to live the life you actually want, IS POSSIBLE!

I create a space for women to become the authentic, wholehearted, and beautiful person from the inside out that they truly are. When transitioning from one state of being to another, being supported, seen, heard, and felt, is of paramount to our personal success. This is why I chose to follow my calling to assist women in their transition through mentoring, and holding holistic wellness retreats.

I offer a service that is honest, real, loyal and trustworthy and ensure the client receives the best outcome.